Foot Care & Hand Care

Signature Foot Care – Starts with a warm foot soak, nail and cuticle care, exfoliation, extended massage and a warm paraffin mask followed by your choice of nail polish. 70 min
Spa Pedicure - Enjoy a soothing pedicure with a warm foot soak, nail care, callus removal, scrub, and massage and nail polish of your choice. 55 min
Pedi Quick – Customized foot care which includes a warm soak, nail shaping, cuticle clean up, callus removal and nail polish change of your choice. 40 min
Mini Pedi – Ready to show off. Nail shaping, cuticle clean-up, and polish change. 25 min
Signature Hand Care – Start with a warm hand soak, nail and cuticle care, exfoliation, extended massage and a warm paraffin mask followed by your choice of nail polish. 60 min Regular
Spa Manicure - Enjoy a soothing manicure with a warm hand soak, nail care, hand scrub, massage and polish of your choice. 45 min
Mini Mani – Ready to show off. Nail shaping, cuticle clean up, and polish change. 25 min
Add or Remove Gel - Toes or Fingers 15 min
Regular French polish 15 min
Note: Allow approximately 45 min of drying time on wet polish

International Massage Experience

Relaxation Massage – This medium pressure massage will help you find energy and balance throughout the day. It helps to regulate sleep, hydrate skin, relieve sore muscles and headaches. 30 min / 60 min / 90 min
Hot Stone Massage – Combination of hot stone and hand massage relieves tight and tense muscles improve mobility, soothes the skin and the senses. 70 min / 90 min
Thai Stretching Massage – This is a dry massage that has a firm base in traditional Thai holistic philosophy. The entire body benefits from a palm pressure massage and stretching. Tension released and is replaced by a feeling full of energy and inner peace. 60 min / 90 min
Authentic Ayurvedic Massage – “Ayurvedic massage is also known as Abhyanga” it’s an experience where medicated herbal oils are generously applied in gentle to medium strokes by the skilled practitioner. 70 min / 90 min
Champi (Indian Head Massage) - This popular warm oil Indian head massage is an extravagant treatment promotes hair growth and restores natural glossiness. The treatment helps in eased away muscular tension from the head, neck and shoulders to help you relax and clear your mind. 30 min
Enhancements to Any Service
Scalp massage with warm oil - Gentle massage into the scalp for tension release and relaxation. 15 min
Foot Massage - Relieve your feet at the end with a gentle exfoliation, followed by a warm towel and a beautiful relaxing foot massage of hydrating cream. 15 min


Upper Lip / Chin - $15 (Threading Option Available)

Eye Brows - $15 (Threading Option Available)

Half Leg - $40

Full Leg - $65

Classic Bikini - $35

Thong Bikini Line - $ 45

Half Leg & Bikini - $65

Full Leg & Bikini - $80

Back - $45

Back, Neck & Shoulder - $55

Brazilian - $50

Facials by BABOR: World-renowned and Pioneer in Luxury Professional Skin Care Line

  • Signature Facial – This power-packed treatment is a solution for everyone and every skin condition. This gentle skin treatment will cleanse, purify and hydrate all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. The facial begins with a relaxing back massage. 90 min
    Custom Cleanse Facial – Customized facial for a healthier skin all season. Our expert team will choose the best product for your skin. 60 min
    Mini Facial - Quick pick-me up, to feel refreshed. Cleanse, exfoliation and quick hydration. 30 min
    Body Treatments
    Body Scrub and Wrap - Exfoliate, indulge and renew with an exclusive range of products that are prepared using the freshest ingredients. The therapeutic properties of these scrub and wrap will cleanse and moisturize your skin, leaving it with a priceless glow. 50 min

Eyelash Extensions/Tinting

Faux Mink

We do not carry synthetic cheap lashes extensions which is very heavy on your eyes and possibly give irritation&rash on the eye area.

The faux mink lashes that we offer as an alternative are designed to imitate real mink lashes. These faux mink lashes are soft, durable and best mimic natural hairs.

We consult your eyelash conditions before applying any extensions because the duration of eyelashes depends on your natural lashes.

Our mission is to damage less your natural body and to give you the best result.

If you request longer length or thickness that your natural lashes can stand, we recommend alternative that suits your condition perfectly.

We do not offer Russian volume applying 2 or 3 lashes per your natural lash, which can cause serious side effects on the eyes.

Brows Tinting - $25

Lashes Tinting - $30

Lashes and Brows Tinting - $50

Full Set Lash Extension - $115

Half Set Lash Extension - $65

Refill Full Set Lash Extension - $60

Refill Half Set Lash Extension - $40

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